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Tooth-coloured fillings fill cavities to prevent them from getting bigger or permanently damaging your tooth. These white fillings are matched to your natural teeth, so they look and feel fantastic.
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Bring That Natural Feeling Back To Your Teeth

In our office, dental fillings are the procedure we most commonly perform. They aim to repair and restore damaged teeth, while also preventing painful decay or infection that may require more extensive treatments. We prefer using composite resin for fillings, as it closely matches the colour of your natural tooth. Unlike amalgam (metal fillings), tooth-coloured composite resin has excellent bonding capabilities with the tooth and can effectively fill smaller areas, reducing the need for excessive drilling.

Why Are Fillings So Important?

For many people, the idea of getting a filling can feel like a chore. You might be inclined to postpone it or question its necessity, especially if your tooth isn’t currently causing any discomfort. However, we strongly urge you to promptly address your cavities by having them filled, and here’s why:

Filling cavities prevents them from enlarging. They help avert painful infections or abscesses. Cavities weaken teeth, while fillings can restore their strength and durability. Fillings can save you money in the long term by avoiding more extensive dental procedures. They can also reduce sensitivity to hot and cold sensations. Lastly, fillings contribute to preserving your natural smile for as long as possible.

What does filling a cavity look like?

Gentle Numbing

We would like to assure you that prior to starting, we will provide ample time to carefully numb your gums. This will allow us to gently administer local anesthesia, which is a step that can cause apprehension for many individuals. The anesthesia will effectively numb your teeth and the surrounding area, ensuring that you experience minimal discomfort throughout the procedure.

Filling the tooth in

Once we verify that you are comfortably frozen, we will proceed to gently clean and prepare your tooth. An adhesive gel will be applied to the affected tooth, creating a stable foundation for the composite resin (white filling material). Skilled hands will meticulously mold and sculpt the resin to harmonize with the contours and bite of your tooth, ensuring a seamless and comfortable restoration.

Activating the composite resin

By utilizing a specific LED light, the composite resin material utilized to fill or bond your tooth is rapidly cured and solidified. Following this process, the dentist will carefully examine your completed tooth, addressing any necessary adjustments, and concluding with a final polish.

How much will a filling cost me?

Dental fillings are a crucial and commonly performed procedure that plays a vital role in preventing and addressing dental problems, making them an indispensable part of comprehensive oral health care. When it comes to insurance coverage, most insurance plans offer substantial benefits for fillings, with typical coverage ranging from $0 to $100+.

In cases where dental insurance is not available, the cost of fillings can vary between $120 and $300 or more, depending on various factors. These factors include your current oral health condition, the number of fillings required, the location of the cavities, the need for new X-rays, the time needed to meet your specific treatment needs, and the necessary equipment and supplies.

It is crucial to prioritize the timely filling of cavities to prevent the progression of dental issues, avoid more invasive and extensive treatments, and alleviate potential dental pain. By addressing cavities promptly, you can ensure not only your oral health but also your overall well-being and satisfaction in the long run.

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Frequently Asked Questions

With taking proper care of your teeth you should expect a filling to last well over 10+ years if you take care of your oral health.

In the past, dental fillings were made with an alloy called “dental amalgam,” often referred to as “silver” or “mercury” fillings. However, scientific studies by the Canadian Dental Association have found no evidence linking dental amalgam to causing illnesses. So if you have silver fillings, there’s no need to worry!

While temporary over-the-counter products can be found for filling a cavity or dealing with minor tooth damage until you can see a dentist, it’s crucial to understand that these are not long-term solutions and cannot substitute professional dental care. Cavities need to be addressed by a dental professional as they signify permanent tooth damage. Neglecting dental decay can lead to tooth loss and abscess formation, highlighting the importance of seeking timely and professional dental treatment.

In the event of severe dental pain that interferes with eating or sleeping, it is important to contact us immediately as this qualifies as a dental emergency. We can provide advice over the phone and schedule your appointment at the earliest opportunity. To temporarily alleviate a toothache, apply a cold compress to the affected area of your face. You may also find relief by taking a pain reliever such as acetaminophen (Tylenol) or ibuprofen (Advil), but be sure to follow your doctor’s guidance and carefully read the medication instructions. When you visit our clinic, please inform us about the medication, dosage, and timing of administration.

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